Chocolate Coated Cranberries – 70gm

Chocolate Coated Cranberries – 70gm

  • Fruity blast: with dried cranberries as the base element, these choco cranberries have refreshing fruity flavour. The flavour is intensified due to drying up of the cranberries
  • Dipped gourmet food: dipped in smooth rich chocolate, the chocolate dipped cranberries are the perfect snack time-solution for kids and makes a great gourmet food for parties simultaneously
  • Dual flavour: The cranberry centre and chocolaty exterior gives a mix dual flavour to these 2-in-1 candies making them an all-time favourite treat
  • Smooth chewy consistency: the texture of these chocolate dipped cranberries is kept soft & chewable which makes them even more likeable
  • Easy dessert solution: stock up a few of these choco cranberries along with a few other hard & soft candies and you will sort any last minute dessert emergency


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